Rajasthan Police Constable

There are certain eligibility criteria you should know beforehand. When it comes to the mandatory languages to be known then. One should have a strong command on Devnagri Script and Sanskrit Language. When it comes to age limit the minimum age that one should possess before applying is 18 years and further detailed explanation of eligibility is discussed in this article.Further for the post of Constable Driver, you must have a driving license (HMV/LMV) dated 1 year prior to the date of release of the Rajasthan Police Application .Read about the Rajasthan Police Eligibility Criteria in a detailed fashion to know the prerequisites before applying for the posts under the Rajasthan Police Recruitment.


Age Limit

The minimum age for appearing for the exam is 18 years and the maximum age varies depending upon the category and Gender. The detailed information is presented in the table below.



Your vision should be in accordance with the 6/6 parameter, without spectacles.

You should not be suffering from any sort of mental or physical disorder or disease.

There should be no sign of knock knee, stammering, varicose vein, night blindness, color blindness, flat foot or any other deformity.